Which Coffee Shop Are You Like?

Today, there are hundreds of coffee shops across Amsterdam, indeed across all the Netherlands. Since joining the EU, however, the Dutch have been trying to make some concessions to the Central European Government to keep the pesky French and Germans from complaining about them too much – as if the French and Germans wouldn’t have something else to complain about. As part of this attempted appeasement, the Dutch have mandated that in the next of couple years, shops that sell both must decide to sell one or the other, not both.

She’s been spreading the news a little at a time and has been gratified by the supportive responses, encouraging her to keep the business going in another location with lower overhead.

Many who are just getting started in internet marketing will worry about the monthly or expense. An owner, however, will look at the potential income to be realized from this expenditure. In many cases the expenditure is small compared to the income potential. If you’re in this situation, ask yourself how much you would be willing to spend for an assured income of ,000 annually? Most traditional businesses expect a gross profit margin in the range of 20 to 30%. If you opened a coffee shop and expected to produce ,000 in annual revenue, for example, then you would typically expect to have expenses in the range of ,000 to ,000. So that monthly investment of or 0 to get an online business started seems rather insignificant in comparison, doesn’t it?

Your journey will unfold no matter where you are or how much you move or decided not to move forward. It is enough to know that life will simply unfold a little at a time and always takes you in the direction of your most predominate underlying thought.

Everything would be itemized on a bill pad and added up the old-fashioned way. Or the clerk would enter the price by hitting the manual keys of a cash register. We’d hand over our money and the cash drawer would fly open. Then our change would be counted back. When is the last time something counted back your change? These days it’s merely dumped into our waiting hand.

Noticing a large collection of liquors and the ever-present Heineken taps behind the bar, I figured this to be the perfect place to do my latest research update. Jochen said that yes indeed over the next couple years coffee shops will have to decide to serve one product or the other. He said that many places would try to subdivide their locations and offer theoretically separate establishments that would allow you to bring refreshments from one side to the other. If not feasible, and an owner had to choose, it was unanimous that the herbal means of commerce would prevail among most of the current establishments.

Under the immutable laws of attraction your underlying fear, the pre-“dominant” feelings you have about your future is what you will create. If you now know this is the basis of your universe then start thinking and feeling like a winner. Yes, it may feel like a lie at first but don’t worry that is not your fault. But keep thinking and feeling what you really want to happen, and you will start to resonate with those thoughts.