Half way through a business trip, I’ve just left Amsterdam after yet another couple day “field research” trip – one of a number I’ve made to the City of All Delights over the last few years. I’ve had the opportunity to do research in many cities I’ve been to over the years, but probably none as in depth as the beautiful home of Van Gogh. It’s a city full of canals and houseboats, bicycles, tulips and souvenir wooden shoes. Old men playing chess in the plaza with 2′ tall Kings. Museums. Parks. Windmills. Prostitutes. Water taxis and trolleys.

Now we’re going to take a look and see why we can have a lot of fun with this! When following up after (number exchange, coffee meeting, etc.) with a legitimate reason for doing so, you’re making the decision a super easy one for her. Perhaps you want to get together at this cozy place or you just want to chat about something fascinating. You extend the offer and make it seem enticing and a natural thing for the woman to tell you yes. If you use words like “so” and “because” you are simply backing up your suggestion to her. Shall we go over to the coffee shop, so we talk about your favorite band? Just smile as you say it and let it flow out naturally.